I am what today in this field is because of my wife who always supported and catered to all the needs I use to do.

Cooking for the event – The Claremont Club, Berkeley
Book launch event in Berkeley, CA

The yogic Chef (Dhruva)

I am passionate about Cooking, Yoga and Meditation. Now with over 20 years of cooking Indian and Himalayan foods in the USA . My passion for creating new and authentic healthy meals and being better has always been persistent. Beside restaurant business I have been a part Karma Kitchen, Dharma College retreat, NYBLL catering company and Lions Clubs . I am also a published Author of “Taste of the Himalayas” cookbook and right now I am planning to release my second cookbook . most of my recipes are featured in various online and print medias , you can find some of my cooking videos on youtube too.

I am passionate about

Creative cooking

Ayurvedic cooking

Yoga Practitioner

authentic and tradition cooking .

Experience and associated with

Co-Founder and Executive Chef
(2004 – 2018)
Taste of the Himalayas, Berkeley, CA

Volunteer Chef
(2007 – 2018)

Karma Kitchen first opened in Berkeley on March 31st, 2007, by several volunteers inspired to seed the value of a “gift economy”. It has now spread around the globe.

Co-Founder and Executive Chef
(2010 – 2015)
Himalayan Flavors , Berkeley CA

Onsite Chef & Spice Lab Chef

NYBLL: Nybll is a health focused food service that helps top tier companies and world championship teams of the MLB, NBA and NHL to achieve peak performance.

Retreat Chef: (for special event only)Lotus Trilogy Retreat , Ratnaling, Dharma College Berkeley,

Executive Chef
(2018 – present)
Ajanta Indian Distinctive cuisine, Berkeley, CA

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